Start page - Bicycling

Fast, easy and non-polluting

A bicycle tour is an ultimate activity. You reach your destination quickly and you don’t need to carry any heavy equipment on your shoulders. Compared to driving a car bicycling is environmentally friendly and keeps your body in good shape. Skaraborg offers a wide range of bicycle tracks, tour suggestions from longer regional to shorter local tracks, and a few more challenging mountain bike trails. Cycling is a new activity on the home page and will soon cover about twenty bicycle tracks. Enjoy the Swedish country side on wheels!

For the time being the only pages available in English are the top page, the start page of each activity and the list of addresses of our visitor information centres. Click on the telephone icon to open the latter. However, the Swedish pages should be useful even if you don’t understand Swedish. Click on the Swedish flag and chose “Geografisk sökning” (geographic search) to access a series of clickable maps. These maps allow fast and simple navigation. There are three levels of maps: Skaraborg map (top level), county maps and object maps. Click on rectangles to zoom in or the compass to zoom out. Some objects have a link that opens a PDF with a high quality map. Maps may also be purchased at any of our local visitor information centres.