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Enjoy the landscape with all your senses

There is probably no better way than a walk or hiking trip to discover the rich cultural heritage of Skaraborg and our wide variety of nature and landscapes. Our hiking tracks provides you with the perfect infrastructure to enjoy all this. The pace of walking lets you fully use all your senses to experience your surroundings. A hiking trip also gives you great flexibility. You can make side trips to pick berries of the seasons, or simply have a break anywhere you like. Welcome!

On this homepage we prefer to talk of walking rather than of hiking in order to target a wider range of visitors. We include approximately 50 traditional hiking trails as well as 30 areas with shorter cross country tracks and thereby cover almost anything from daily exercise to very long hiking trips.

For the time being the only pages available in English are the top page, the start page and the list of addresses of our visitor information centres. Click on the telephone icon to open the latter. However, the Swedish pages should be useful even if you don’t understand Swedish. Click on the Swedish flag and chose “Geografisk sökning” (geographic search) to access a series of clickable maps. These maps allow fast and simple navigation. There are three levels of maps: Skaraborg map (top level), county maps and object maps. Click on rectangles to zoom in or the compass to zoom out. Some objects have a link that opens a PDF with a high quality map. Maps may also be purchased at any of our local visitor information centres.